Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas


Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas

Under sink organization. Extra storage added to the inside of the cabinet door with a towel rod and acrylic organizer.

Follow these under kitchen sink organization ideas for a pretty and functional space for all of your kitchen cleaning needs.  Save yourself time, energy, and frustration with these simple tips!

Under the Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas

You may not spend much time thinking about those cupboards under your kitchen sink, but they’re probably one of the most used cupboards in your kitchen.  With a few simple organization strategies, you can quickly transform this space into a functional and pretty space to get your cleaning done quicker and easier!

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How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

If you need some kitchen sink organization ideas, follow this step by step tutorial for a no-fail way to create the functional space you’re looking for.

Empty everything out of the cupboards.

I always recommend completely emptying everything out of any space that you want to organize.  This allows you to really see everything that is in there and gives you a chance to give the space a good cleaning.  I also find that it gives me a fresh perspective on different layout options and organization ideas that I can use to optimize storage and improve accessibility.

Clean and line.

After you have everything emptied out, vacuum out any crumbs and give the walls and floor a good wipe down. If the floor of the cupboards is in rough shape or you just want a little extra protection, line it with a shelf liner that can easily be wiped down. It can help to make the space look a little prettier too!  I used this padded, fabric-top liner, but there are lots of options available.

Declutter and sort.

Go through everything that you have taken out of the cupboard and decide what you really need to keep. Get rid of old cleaning supplies that you don’t use or need, as well as any expired products. Try to pick cleaning supplies that can serve multiple purposes instead of having a different item for everything in the kitchen. Once you have paired down what you want to keep, you can then start grouping similar items together to give you an idea of what you need for storage.

Choose under sink organizers wisely.

One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to organizing under a sink is all of the pipes (especially if there’s a garbage disposal too!). Before you run out to grab organizers, figure out how much space you have available height and width wide. If you have deeper cupboards, a pull out drawer works great to be able to easily access items that are towards the back of the cupboard – if you can’t see things, you likely won’t use them!  Look for storage items with smaller compartments to help keep all of the little things organized.

Remove extra packaging.

I like to remove packaging as much as possible to save space and make everything more uniform. We buy our dishwasher tablets in a big bulk container, so I leave that out in the garage and just fill up this clear jar for under the sink. {These are obviously dangerous if ingested so please keep them safe away from little hands!} I also keep a lot of our bigger cleaning items in our cleaning closet rather than under the sink and just keep what I need in smaller spray bottles. Remove any packaging from sponges and other cleaning items so they’re all ready to go!

Add a portable cleaning caddy.

Keep cleaning supplies in a portable caddy so you can easily take them with you to other areas of the house if need be.  I love the J.R. Watkins line of cleaning supplies {especially the coconut!} and Mrs. Meyers is another favorite of mine.  Our caddy holds a spray bottle of water {with some essential oils} to use with my microfiber cloths, a spray bottle of all purpose cleaner, and a spray bottle of 50:50 water/vinegar mixture, along with some dish soap, scrub brushes, cleaning toothbrushes, and cleaning cloths.

Add labels.

I love using spray bottles for decanting cleaning supplies or holding my DIY cleaners.  Just make sure you label them clearly! These chalkboard labels are easy to make with some chalkboard vinyl and a white Sharpie.

I also have some free printable cleaning labels that you can easily print and DIY…

Store Cleaning Cloths as Close as Possible

While our cleaning cloths are not actually stored under the kitchen sink, they are in a drawer right beside it so I thought I would still include it in this post.  Go through all of your kitchen cleaning cloths and towels and discard old ones that are really worn or smelly.  If they are still in decent shape, you can save them for rags {if you actually need more rags}.  Use drawer dividers to keep cloths separated bu function – cleaning cloths, dish cloths, drying towels, etc.

Use a tray.

Use a tray to corral hand soap, hand lotion, and dish soap on the kitchen counter.  It looks more organized and the tray will help to catch any spills.  Both the tray and the dish soap pump were from the bathroom section at Target.

To see the cleaning closet with the rest of our cleaning supplies, you can check out this post….

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If you’re looking for the items that I used to organize under our sink, I’ve linked a bunch of them below as well as a couple of other ideas. If you have any other questions, just let me know.

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