Is Your Outdoor Rug Stealing the Show?


Is Your Outdoor Rug Stealing the Show?

Is Your Outdoor Rug Stealing the Show? 1

Nothing really makes an outdoor area feel more intimate and cozy than a rug. A rug can cover stubborn ground stains, unsightly cracks, will protect your wood deck, and offers bare feet something softer and cooler to stand on while instantly setting boundaries to your seating area, not to mention providing visual interest to your outdoor seating area, giving it a more finished, polished look.

An outdoor rug can make or break your whole outdoor living room scene so make sure it is in good shape. Is your outdoor stealing the show in a bad way? Is it a positive feature pulling the seating arrangement together beautifully or is it a disgusting eyesore housing remnants of meals past? If it is not in the budget to buy a new one for the season, then let us help you clean yours correctly to give you many more months of barefoot comfort and visual joy.

When life distracts you from keeping things clean, like your outdoor rug, we have a simple solution! From food splatter stains and spilled drinks to mildew and dirt, we can help get your outdoor rug looking and smelling fresh and clean in no time at all!

Outdoor rugs are fairly easy to take care of considering their durable material composition so if your rug is in fairly good shape and only needing a quick cleaning, then some white distilled vinegar and dish detergent in warm water scrubbed onto rug with a nylon bristled brush should do the trick after a good sweeping, vacuuming, or vigorous shaking. If your outdoor rug needs quite a bit more attention than your homemade green cleaning solution calls for, then bring in the big guns to show dirt and grease who’s the boss while still being a responsible environmentalist.

One of the best products to remove not only grease and food stains, but also dirt and mildew is an all-purpose nontoxic cleaner like Simple Green. Simple Green’s all-purpose concentrated cleaner is powerful. It is a “cleaner, degreaser, deodorizer and stain remover” all-in-one biodegradable, simple product. Simple Green is as environmentally-safe as it is effective.

  • Prepare a one half gallon bucket of water with 6 ounces of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Remove loose dirt and food particles by sweeping, vacuuming or vigorously shaking
  • Working in small sections at a time, first wet the rug with a garden hose, then scrub on the cleaning solution with a sponge mop or a long-handled scrub brush
  • Depending on stain, leave on for five minutes before rinsing clean with hose while not allowing the cleaning solution to dry onto rug
  • After cleaning small sections at a time, rinse the whole rug again to remove any lingering solution
  • Allow rug to air dry in the sun while flipping it over to completely dry each side
  • When the season is over, be sure to roll it up and store it out of the harsh weather elements

Home Depot has provided also some useful tips on caring for your newly cleaned outdoor rug:

• Blot spills immediately with a white cloth

• Only spot clean your rug

• Avoid harsh chemicals, as they may fade your rug

• Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose and allow the carpet to dry completely before vacuuming

• Vacuum regularly and/or shake to remove dust

• Use rug protectors under heavy furniture

• If needed, get your rug professionally cleaned. Try doing this at the end of every season

• If your rug is outside in wet conditions, be sure to flip it so it can dry both front and back

• When the outdoor entertaining season ends, make sure your rug is dry before rolling it up and storing in a covered area to avoid fading